Karting is the first step in big car racing and has a lot of weight in this area.

Well-known car racing stars Michael Schumacher, Jason Button, Kim Raikonen, Lewis Hamilton, Fernando Alonso began their career in cartoning, which helped them achieve the highest championships in motor sports. Karting schools operate in many countries of the world and in Europe, and we have created the first carding school in Azerbaijan for you.

It is urgent that pilots improve their experience in motor sports in Azerbaijan and be widely represented at world competitions. Today we are proud to have laid the foundations of the first professional cardiology school in our country!

The goal of the Baku Karting School is to prepare top-level athletes for future professional motorsport competitions and their best F1.

The curriculum includes the following areas:

  • Train on the sidewalk, choose the best direction and copy on turns.
  • The correct start of the race, the tactics of the race on the first round
  • Theory and methods of transient operations
  • Qualification of racing features and tricks
  • The basics of tactical competition during the race
  • Formation of qualities necessary for victory
  • To teach go-kart management
  • Competition rules, warning flags, pilot behavior rules on the highway and technology park
  • Conducting seminars on the details of karting and the principles of operation of the internal combustion engine.


  • Beginner course
  • Athletic Enhancement
  • Preparation for participation in amateur club competitions
  • Preparing for professional carding competitions


  • The cost of 4 courses per month is 280 AZN.
  • Classes for children 8-13 years old are held on Saturdays from 10:00 to 12:00.

The machine must be a part of you, your blood must be, and you are an invariable part. Only you can be the first in your field.

Ayrton Senna