Read safety precautions and behavior rules at the Karting Club:

1. It is prohibited to enter the competition: pregnant women, children under 10 years and less than 140 cm, persons who are intoxicated or who receive psychotropic substances.
2. Before entering the cardboard, it must remove any items that violate safety regulations and prevent them from operating the card; Using a helmet to protect the head is a must.
3. First of all, you should carefully listen to the instruction and sit on the card only after the consent of the controller.
4. The movement of the race track shall be in the designated direction only.
5. In case of an accident it is necessary to hold the card, lift the hand up from the card, and wait for the adjuster.
6. Announces the end of the race with a regulating flag. When entering the Pit Stop, the movement must be carried out at a minimum speed.
7. The organizers are not responsible for damage or loss of the customer’s belongings.
8. In the event of violations of rules of conduct, misconduct, disrespect or assistance to employees or other customers, the driver will have to leave the race without reimbursement.
9. In case of damage to cardboard club equipment as a result of customer misconduct and unauthorized actions, the customer bears the financial responsibility for damages.
10. Card Center employees are not responsible for any damage to the driver due to non-compliance with the rules and instructions.

11. It is strictly prohibited:

  • Depart without the consent of the instructor;
  • Engage the engine, start or stop the engine on its own;
  • To act without the consent of the instructor;
    Go down the card in the race track;
  • Creation of hazardous conditions that may otherwise cause injury to other participants and damage to carding club equipment;
  • Handle the card with one hand, and move the arms and legs out of the card’s spare frame during the race;
  • Pull the leg brake while moving;