If you want to ride and participate in an exciting race, you will find the Baku karting center.

It is very easy to drive kart. Here are some simple steps you can take:


– You are calling these phone numbers: (012) 562-75-26 (055) 277-33-07 (055) 277-33-03
– Race reservation – For this you need to tell us how many people will take part and how many races will be held.

Come to Baku Karting & Event Center

– You and your friends come to 30/68 Ahmed Rajabli Street (Elite Shopping Center)
– To start the race on time, you must arrive 15 minutes before booking so that you can pay for the race and change gear.


  • At the entrance to the Kartik Center, you will be able to pay for your ticket (then you will send these tickets to your instructor). In one race 6 cards participate.
  • You get the necessary materials, a helmet, hats and comfortable shoes (for girls).
  • Move to the area where our route is located – the ticket number will be displayed on the ticket, and the number of the current race will be displayed on the main screen.
  • Listen carefully to the race instructor, so feel free to ask them if you have any further questions!

The total area of the road is 4000 sq.m. The length is 500 meters. Width – 6 meters. The coating is asphalt.

The road configuration has a long straight path, turns at high and low speeds, brakes (sharp turns) and 180-degree turns. The go-kart track is equipped with an AMV synchronization system. People who come after each race will receive a printout of all the results of the march. For the convenience of riders, a light board is installed on the road, showing the results of the march in real time. The best result, that is, over time, is the time that each circle passes through the circle.

Here you are provided with experienced personnel, and the most important materials (hats, caps for – of course, shoes for women) are equipped with road tires and low-pressure polyethylene tapes (ATP).

ATP is a very durable and slippery material, and also has good cushioning properties. In the event of a card collision, this fence is rather weak, and the sliding cover of the fence prevents the card from clogging and losing its speed after a collision.

We wish you an exciting race and victory!