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Check-in time 10 minutes

Check-in time 10 minutes 15 AZN: You need to arrive no later than 15 minutes before the booked time.

Subscription cards

Everyone can receive a subscription card at the reception to display the previous result in less than 33 seconds.

Ateshgah insurance

Ateshgah insurance (Foreign citizens have been  insured)   20 AZN  

Subscription cards


Duration - 90 days.
Balance - 10 items
Price - 100 AZN

Red card

Duration - 180 days.
Balance - 35 items
Price - 300 AZN


Duration - 365 days.
Balance - 75 items
Price - 600 AZN

Top pilot

Rich Club Restaurant & Lounge

Baku Karting & amp; Event Center is the modern Rich Club Restaurant & Lounge. Club panoramic views open onto the terrace, allowing fans to enjoy delicious food and cocktails and watch the race.

In the large bright dashboard area on the terrace, guests can watch the race results. Rich Club Restaurant & Lounge; The Lounge also offers a professional stage, the best equipment available, a comfortable atmosphere, luxurious design, a VIP area, an excellent dance floor, excellent cuisine and polite staff.


Rich Club Restaurant & Lounge


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